About Kitto
I have started handicraft work since very young.  I got to know about tatting lace firstly in 2006 in Japan and Italy.  I have brought back the knowledge to Hong Kong, at that time, tatting is an unpopular skill and difficult to find tatting tools / books in the local shops.  I started to teach tatting lace making since 2009 and to import good quality tools and material, for example handcrafted wooden shuttles and tatting threads.
In order to chase my dream about lace making, I went to learn Bobbin Lace in France in 2010, and in Begium (Bruges) in 2012.  I have assisted my lace teacher to participate the Lace Festival in Bobowa (Poland) in the same year for 5 days.  During such visit, I have been further attracted by all professional lace artists in Europe.
I have also started to do needle lace after many visits in Italy, and then making also Turkish style needle lace.  I attended a private intensive course with a renowned Japanese teacher in 2018.
In 2012, the Trade Mark "Kitto Kan" was successfully registered in Hong Kong for Handmade Lace and Embroidery. 
I am running my workshop as a hobby.  I wish to bring the culture of handmade lace to Hong Kong and share the joys with all the lace lovers.