Needle Lace - Reticella and Punto in aria (Italian)

Reticella and Punto in Aria are closely related needlelaces from Italy. The geometric designs are easily recognizable to those who see these laces. Reticellas were made in abundance from the late 1400's to the early 1800's. They start with a fabric from which threads were cut and withdrawn. The remaining threads form a framework upon which additional threads were stitched and woven to form elaborate patterns. The original technique of Reticella marked the transition between fabrics made lacy by cutting out and withdrawing threads, and lac,e made stitch by a stitch without a substructure. The early Reticella work has the threads withdrawn in only one direction. Later work finds threads being drawn-out in both directions. Eventually so many threads were drawn-out that the foundation became very flimsy and lace makers devised a new framework without even bothering to use the original foundation fabric. This was to be known as Punto in Aria, or "In the air".

Punto in Aria (沒有底布的)

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